Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Remember...new blog

Hey everyone. To remind everybody I have a new blog. So check it out here: http://pwilkersonphoto.tumblr.com/

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life and a new blog.

Hello everyone!

I know I'm not the best blogger in world, but I've been really busy with life lately. The last month was especially busy for me; I went to Austin TX for the NAHBS, and been busy booking weddings for October and November this year. I'm pleased to say that I've already made my goal this year for wedding bookings! Today I just booked my first out of state wedding! The wedding I just booked will take place in Lexington KY in November! SO EXCITED!

Anyways, I plan on blogging more often and to make it easier for me, I created a tumblr blog (under the same name: "Have Your Phil for the Day") click here to check it out. So I might kill this blogger account and use my tumblr.

I'll leave you with this video of a Pixies piano cover:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

High key lighting

James and Kate Taylor had me do some shots of them last month on New Years day. With this shoot I wanted to do some high-key lighting, meaning soft/no shadows and a low lighting ratio. To achieve this, I had to use at least 3 lights to light the entire scene.

For this setting I used 4 lights. A Key light, a fill light, and two back lights. For my key light, I used a large octodome to light the subject's face. With the large octodome it gave me a large lighting source and a nice soft light (creating soft shadows). The fill light, I used a small softbox (just to soften in the shadows on the other side of the face. The two back light I just used a two strobes with shoot-through umbrellas and pointed them to the white back drop. The two strobes overexposed my white back drop by two stops which I wanted to do to create for the high key light.

Lens I used for this shoot:
Nikon 105mm f/2
Nikon 85mm f/1.8 (my favorite lens)
Nikon 24-85mm f/3.5-5.6

Camera: Nikon D200

Here's the lighting diagram for the shoot:
Photoshoot 1-1-11

Here's the actual studio set-up:
In the studio 1-1-11


Lens: 85mm
ISO: 100
Shutter speed: 1/80 sec @ f/11

Lens: 24-85mm @ 24mm
ISO: 100
Shutter speed: 1/60 sec @ f/11

Lens: 85mm
ISO: 100
Shutter speed: 1/60 sec @ f/10

I also did a couple of shots with one light (the octodome) and a medium grey back drop. Creating well define shadows and more dramatic lighting. You can see the grey back drop next to the white back drop.


Lens: 105mm
ISO: 100
Shutter speed: 1/60 sec @ f/10


Lens: 85mm
ISO: 100
Shutter speed: 1/60 sec @ f/11

Make sure to check out my Flickr page to see more of the photos from this shoot.

Video pick:
Punching In a Dream by The Naked and Famous. I've been digging this song for the last couple of days.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Its true about what they say about artist...

They say that artist are never famous until after they die, this is true for Vivian Maier. Check out her story in the video (that I got from fstoppers) below:

This reminds me of another story about Henry Darger. They made a documentary about Darger some time back check out the trailer below:

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Photoshop rap

Thought I would share this hilarious video that i just saw...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Double Nickel at Manions

Thought I would share how I lit the photo below using my off camera flash.

Double Nickel '+ 1'

Double Nickel

Camera Specs:
Nikon D200
Lens: Nikkor 24-85mm 3.5-4.5 G at 24mm
ISO: 200
Exposure mode: Manual
Shutter speed: 1/250
Apeture: f/8
Distance from subject: 6.5 feet

Lighting Diagram:

Lighting diagram #1

The Sun was position behind the subject at camera left.

Flash: Nikon SB-900
flash mode: TTL
Position: Camera right just above subjects eye line
Distance from subject: 3 feet

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Feedback needed...

The other day I created a logo for my photo biz so that I may use it as a watermark, business cards, and etc. Please let know what you think.

Video pick of the day:
"Your Mama" by Kennedy