Monday, June 21, 2010

High Waters on the Missouri

Yesterday was the first day of Summer. This time of the year in Kansas City MO is consider the peak of sever weather. In the last two weeks it has stormed every other day it seems. Last Saturday we had 3 sever weather and tornado warnings within 20 hours from each other. Luckily, Kansas City didn't exeprience any damaging weather over the weekend. KC just got heavy rain fall, where many of the rivers flooded. The Missouri River didn't flood but the water level did rise high, almost 20+ feet! The picture below shows a spot along the MO river I frequently go to, and it was partially flooded due to the crazy rain we've been getting.

The second picture was taken in the Crossroads of Kansas City (along 18th street). The Crossroads is one of my favorite districts in KC, so much going on there. This was taken right in front of the new Volker bike stores.

High water along the Missouri

Go by bike!

Music Video pick of the day:
The Seed (2.0), by the Roots


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