Thursday, May 13, 2010

Joe Martin Women's 3-4 crit race

My good friend Aubree Dock raced in Joe Martin's women's stage race. Last Sunday I was able to come watch her race in her crit. Before the Crit she was fighting to be in the top 10 GC and she was currently 14th in the GC. During the crit (the last race at Joe Martin) she was riding strong, always riding in the top 5 positions of the pack. She was looking strong until the last lap where I was waiting for her to finish. I saw the pack come over the hill in the final 200 meters to the finish when I did not see her. I never saw her finish, so I started walking the course and fearing the worst. I saw her walking up the hill with her bike with her leg dripping in blood. Despite crashing in the last lap and unable to finish with the pack, she was smiling and laughing. However; she was able to move up in the GC at Joe Martin, she finished 11th in the GC!!! Awesome job Aubree!!! Your such a bad ass.

The pics below are from Aubree's crit. While she was getting bandaged up she discovered some road rash in an odd place, but I'll let Aubree talk about that one.

Aubree during the crit race
Womens Crit_0333.jpg

In front of the pack, ready to make a move
Womens Crit_0338.jpg

Womens Crit_0348.jpg

Raise your hand if your a bad ass!
Womens Crit_0361.jpg

Womens Crit_0364.jpg

Where else did you get road rash?!?!
Womens Crit_0363.jpg

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Blogger Aubree said...

Phil, this is great...thank you! I will likely link your page and steal some of the photos for my blog! :)

May 13, 2010 at 11:26 AM  

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