Tuesday, July 27, 2010

iPhone Polaroid app...

About a couple of years back, Polaroid discontinue all instant film production. However, Fujifilm still makes instant film but its expensive to use. People still love the "Polaroid look" in photographs, and now there's an app for that...well the app has been around for a while. In the pictures below were taken with the app called Shakeit Lite (the free version) for the iPhone. I was pretty impressed with the quality and the realistic instant film look. The cool thing about the app is that if you shake the iphone the picture develops faster, just like a real Polaroid. If I can change one thing about the app is that if you touch the photo as it develops, emulsion streaks should appear given it a more realistic and unique look to the photo.

Double Nickel

The Polaroid SX-70, considered to be the best instant camera ever made (circa 1972-77). This camera is an original that I bought about 5 years ago. About the same time Polaroid "phased out" the SX-70 film.

Polaroid Colorpak IV (circa 1971-72)

Music Video Pick of the day (Double Feature!):
White Rabbit and Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane

I think this video fits into my Polaroid post, considering this was the time when Polaroid was first introduced the famous SX-70 camera. Now the iPhone and other smart phones are the new instant camera.

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