Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's not about the camera

Many people had told me after seeing a photo of mine that I "must have a really nice camera." In reality, I only have a "decent" DSLR camera, a Nikon D200. The D200 is now outdated and has been replaced by nicer and better cameras from Nikon for about 3 years now. The D200 is a 10 mega pixel camera (which is the avg size of the current point and shoot camera) and newer DSLR cameras are about 12+ mega pixel. Some (more advance) DSLR cameras can be over 20 mega pixel, and this guy shoots 50 mega pixel!

Photography in definition means to write with light. One can even create photographs without a camera. Cameras are only tools in the photographing trade, they do not tell the model where to stand or create light out of thin air. Did people tell Brunelleschi or Frank Lloyd Wright that they must of had a really nice T-square? I think not. I hear about photography professors at art schools make their students trade in their nice cameras for a $8 disposable camera (for a week) to shoot their assignments.

However; cameras can do a lot, and help make the job easier for the photographer. In the end, its about the photographer; how he sets the subject, composition, and lights or use of available lights.

So if you ever want to take nice photographs, you don't need a $5000 camera. Heck, you can even use your camera phone or a $8 disposable camera.

Many photographers share this belief. In this video below, photographer Lee Morris shows (proves) that any camera can be used for a great photo. So he decided to do a fashion shoot with his iPhone! Morris got some amazing photos from the shoot by getting the most out of his studio lighting, without sync cords!!!

by the way...Morris ONLY has the older iPhone 3GS
"This doesn't even shoot RAW!!!"



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